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Be Careful What You Say. God Hears.

Have you ever accused God of not hearing you? I have. Actually, just this week.

What we have to remember, however, is that God does hear, it's just sometimes we are not listening for His response; we ignore His response; or He may make us wait a bit before He responds.

Yesterday, I was reminded again that God hears every word I speak. He also knows every thought I think, but that's another blog for a different day.

I was at work and having a deep conversation with my boss about feeling trapped in a job that I am not passionate about. I would not recommend having that discussion with just any old boss as they may not take it the right way, but Bill and I have been friends for years and he gets me. He knows my heart.

Anyway, I was telling him how disappointed I have become. That I have allowed a bitter root to grow up because I feel as if God is not listening, or perhaps ignoring, or whatever God does or doesn't do.

You see, I can go back to specific times when God called and confirmed the trajectory of my life. I can also recall all the ways He confirmed the schooling I took, the steps I made, and other choices I landed on as I simply sought to be obedient and somehow further my calling.

Bill asked me if I felt as if I was in the wilderness. I responded with a resounding yes! Actually, I am quite familiar with the wilderness. God has had me placed there on multiple occasions until I could learn something He was trying to teach me. Yet this time it seems different. This time I have felt a little of the hope fading.

Before you write me off as a lost cause and someone who has misplaced my faith, I assure you I have not. It is as strong or even stronger than it was before. I've just simply felt like a ship who has run aground. Every channel I have tried to sail through ends up being blocked off. After awhile, the ship becomes battered and beaten down by the winds and the waves, and the crew is ready to commit mutiny. (Smile)

After we got done solving the worlds (and my) problems, though we really didn't solve anything but I felt better at least, I received a random message through social media. It read:

"Lifting you up today. If God's not giving you what you want at the moment, perhaps His plan is bigger than you can, I was reminded again that God hears every word I speak. He also knows every thought I think, but that's another blog for different day.

Mic drop.

All I could do at that point, was laugh. I read Bill the message and we both had to admit that God had heard our conversation.

So, what is the point to my story? Glad you asked. There are probably several, but here are the two that I want to share:

First, God hears. Though it sounds so cliche, God knows the plans He has for you. You have been called to serve Him in a particular way, and whether or not you want to believe it, it will happen.

Second, God loves you. Again, that's pretty much a given, right? But sometimes you and I just need an atta boy or atta girl. You know, like you give your own children from time to time. Something like, I'm so proud of you. You're doing a great job. Or, you are such a great mom. Or, I'm so glad you are such a hard worker.

Those things encourage us. They make us feel appreciated and loved. And when God sends us those it's going to be alright messages, they blow much-needed wind in our sails and help us to continue to climb that mountain we like to think of as adversity, although in His eyes it's a mountain of strengthening and preparation.

So, today, whatever it is that you've been promised or guided to by heavenly hands, just know that He hears you. He sees. He will act. In His time.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” - Ecclesiastes 3:11


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