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Bible Journaling: The Easy Way to Begin

So, you want to get more out of your Bible reading? Well, why not try Bible journaling?

Bible journaling is a great way to gain a better understanding of the Word. There really is no wrong way to journal. Some enjoy journaling daily as a way of conversing with God, while others use journaling to help memorize scripture or keep a log of prayer requests, while still others journal to study specific words or themes.

Get started journaling

To get started, you will want to gather a few supplies. The most important item is your favorite Bible. You can find a plethora of versions, colors, styles, size of print, etc., through avenues such as Amazon or Christian Book Distributors.

You will also need pens, a highlighter, a journal book or notebook, etc., to begin your journaling journey.

Bible journaling helps our minds settle down and focus on what we are reading. If you are like me, life can cloud my head with so much excess noise, that if I do not purposely carve out time each day for God, I usually end up allowing other things to consume me. Journaling my thoughts forces me to be still and really focus on what I am reading.

Where to Begin?

  1. Pray - Ask God to open up His Word to you and to begin illuminating passages, words, or phrases you have not noticed before.

  2. Read the passage - Whether you are working through a book of the Bible, a theme, studying a character, or a specific word, read the passage carefully and make note of anything which stands out or you have a question about.

  3. Write, circle, highlight, underline - This is where you write down your thoughts. Is there a verse you want to memorize? A word you don't understand? A phrase that speaks directly to your heart? Write it down. Circle those things most important. Highlight the passages you want to remember. Underline a word or phrase which seems to be emphasized or carries the most weight.

  4. Reflect and/or memorize - Go back over what you wrote, highlighted, circled, or underlined. Commit to memory those passages then frequently refresh yourself on each you have chosen.

Prayer Journaling More Your Speed?

If you are looking more to journaling your prayer needs or want to do this in addition to your Bible journaling, then I have recently come out with an easy 52-week Prayer Journal to keep track of those important requests.

You can check out the prayer journal here. Each week has a spot to write your needs and a scripture verse to keep your mind focused on prayer.

Journaling can be a wonderful tool to help you grow closer to God and have a more rich walk through His Word. What are your thoughts on journaling? Have you tried it? I'd love to hear more.




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