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Happy Freedom Day from the Neace's!

Last evening, our family gathered for a great afternoon and evening of the four F's: Food, Family, Fun and Fireworks.

To say we are blessed is an understatement.

Honestly, I wonder why sometimes. Why God chose me to live in this nation of plenty instead of a country with extreme poverty or war? Why did God choose us to have good jobs, health, houses to live in instead of living in a literal dump somewhere?

But most importantly, why did He pull us out of the darkness when He could have left us wallowing in our own state of hopelessness?

This weekend, I have yet again been reminded of God's goodness and infinite mercy.

Because He loves, He made a way on a cross for mankind to be restored to a right relationship with Him.

Because He loves, He gave people the opportunity to experience true freedom through Christ by breaking the chains of sin which held us down.

Because He loves, He opened up opportunities for expansion and religious freedom to a new world filled with promise.

Because He loves, He saturated this nation with God-fearing men and women who gave their all, even their lives, to secure a future where opportunities to hear the Gospel and live without oppression abound.

Our nation may have our issues...well, we do have a lot of issues, but God has been good and is still working in our midst to provide for His people and call others into a relationship with HIm. I am excited to once again celebrate what He has given.

May we turn back to Him. May we remember and be thankful for all He has given. May God once again bless America.

Have a safe and happy Independence Day!


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